Simona Vasilache – Business Management

CopertaThis is a textbook addressed mainly to the students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. However, it can be used successfully by any student in Business, Economics, Management and Marketing, since it presents the fundamental concepts and ideas concerning Business Management. Also, it can be used by anybody working in one of these fields who is willing to improve his or her level of knowledge and understanding.
Management refers to the activity or the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through or with other people. At the limit, it can be done by a single person. Good management is concerned with both attaining goals and doing so as efficiently as possible. When the focus is on the business process we discussed about the business management.
Business Management is a relatively new field of theory and practice in the emergent economies, like those of the former socialist countries, that changes completely the way we think work, competition, motivation and leadership. Moreover, the fast and unpredictable changes in the business environment due to globalization and disruptive innovations create new challenges for the young generations to understand and perform business in new mental settings. This book tries to explain the main concepts and ideas necessary for a successful business management, enlarging significantly the old spectrum of the traditional management. Thus, we introduced new topics about leadership, communication, organizational knowledge, intellectual capital and e-business. The classical management theory focused on rules, hierarchies and command-and-control mental models. The new management theory focuses on leadership, motivation, knowledge creation and sharing, and business innovation.
The book is designed and elaborated in the framework of the best business management textbooks we could study, and it contains our university experience in developing continuously this field of education.

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