Moffitt Mary Anne – Campaign Strategies and Message Design. A Practitioner’s Guide from Start to Finish

UnknownHow do professionals plan and execute a public communications campaign? Moffitt provides a detailed step-by-step examination of the conceptualizing, planning, and execution of a public relations, marketing/advertising, political, or social issue campaign. She provides basic theories, concepts, and issues to understand before one can even begin to conduct a campaign, and she examines the research tools and skills needed to investigate the organization, the industry, or the targeted audiences for a campaign. Basic strategies for setting a campaign’s goals and objectives are analyzed as are message strategies to determine the correct wording and visualization factors. Lastly, Moffitt examines communication selection strategies for choosing the appropriate personal and media channels for delivering the messages.

Since the public campaign has emerged as a key model of organizational communication, professionals as well as students in advertising, marketing, and management will find the business end of the topic useful. Individuals involved with public relations, speech communication, broadcast and print media will benefit from the communication aspects.

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