Jack Echo – Windows 10: 2016 User Guide and Manual

echoIn Windows 10 User Guide and Manual: Microsoft Windows 10 for Beginners, you will learn how to install Windows 10, circumnavigate your way through the user interface and new web browser Edge, and familiarize yourself with the new features Windows 10 has to offer including all of it’s functionalities.

With Windows 10 User Guide and Manual: Microsoft Windows 10 for Beginners, you will discover whether you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 and if so, how you can access it.

You will also learn how to change and customize your desktop settings to suit your own unique preferences, learn who Cortana is and what it’s capabilities are and furthermore, Microsoft Windows 10 for Beginners will teach you how to:
Determine if your PC Satifies the System Requirements Required for Windows 10
Perform a Clean Install or Upgrade to Windows 10
Comfortably Navigate the User Interface and Desktop
Ensure your PC and Accounts are Safe with Security, Parental Control, and Anti-Virus Measures
Use Keyboard Shortcuts Like a Pro
Keep Your Personal Data and Sensitive Files from Older Versions of Microsoft Windows
Communicate with Cortana Effectively
Be Technology Savvy With More Information, Tips, and Tricks Shared Inside!

Order Windows 10: 2016 User Guide and Manual: Microsoft Windows 10 for Windows Users Pret @ RON100,00

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