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Max DePree – Leadership Is An Art

What Is Leadership?

David Ogilvy – Tested Advertising Methods

The fifth edition of this work on how to create successful advertising features new coverage on small businesses with limited revenues, non-profit advertising, as well as techniques of headlines, illustrations and layouts. There is also new information useful to smaller businesses. Order Tested Advertising Methods Preţ @ RON90,00 Qty: Adauga in cosul de...

Neagu Djuvara – A Brief Illustrated History of Romanians

You will also find images of pottery, jewellery and weaponry, some of them from unexpected sources, often unknown to the public, accompanied by detailed captions that complement the information provided in the text itself. Together, the story and illustrations intertwine to form a new, enhanced historical account – and hopefully, one not lacking in originality.

Michael Vince – Intermediate Language Practice with key

English Grammar and Vocabulary without key, NEW EDITION – Intermediate level grammar clearly explained and practised; – Consolidation and extension of vocabulary in common topic areas; – Vocabulary skills, including word-building and dictionary work, developed and practised; – PET exam-format exercises included; – Grammar index and wordlist; – Ideal for self-study or classroom...

Moffitt Mary Anne – Campaign Strategies and Message Design. A Practitioner’s Guide from Start to Finish

How do professionals plan and execute a public communications campaign? Moffitt provides a detailed step-by-step examination of the conceptualizing, planning, and execution of a public relations, marketing/advertising, political, or social issue campaign. She provides basic theories, concepts, and issues to understand before one can even begin to conduct a campaign, and she examines the research tools and skills needed to investigate the organization, the industry, or the targeted audiences for a campaign. Basic strategies for setting a campaign’s goals and objectives are analyzed as are message strategies to determine the correct wording and visualization factors. Lastly, Moffitt examines communication selection strategies for choosing the appropriate personal and media channels for delivering the messages. Since the public campaign has emerged as a key model of organizational communication, professionals as well as students in advertising, marketing, and management will find the business end of the topic useful. Individuals involved with public relations, speech communication, broadcast and print media will benefit from the communication aspects. Order Campaign Strategies and Message Design. A Practitioners Guide from Start to Finish Preţ @ RON155,00 Qty: Adauga in cosul de...

Ernest Latham – In Caesar’s household

ERNEST H. LATHAM, Jr., Ph.D., American historian and diplomat. He served as the American cultural attaché in Romania between 1983 and 1987. He is the author of Timeless and Transitory: … numerous articles and reviews about Romania. He edited and reintroducedAthene Palace, by Countess R. Waldeck, republished in several editions and translations. He revised, i.a., the entries on Romania for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, edition 2000. He was Fulbright Professor in Romania, at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and at the University of Bucharest (2000-2002).   At the present time he is the coordinator of advanced area studies for Romania and Moldova at the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. Department of State). He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Bucharest....

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